By the application of scientific methods, the mission of the NSCAD University Drawing Lab is to achieve a better understanding of the artistic process and its inculcation through training.

In 1995, studio faculty at NSCAD University and perceptual psychology faculty at Dalhousie University began informal discussions regarding the possibility of doing collaborative research. At the time, however, existing academic commitments and, more importantly, limited technological resources, precluded the pursuit of such collaboration.

The idea lay dormant for eight years, by which time technological advances and more focused questions brought the two groups back together. Seeking an answer to the question of where people look when drawing from observation became the catalyst for establishing the NSCAD University Drawing Lab, which opened in the Morse Tea Building, Halifax in 2005.

With the support of SSHRC, the lab was equipped with eye monitoring equipment (Eyelink II ), computers and digital video recording equipment. NSCAD drawing faculty and students participated in our first series of experiments. This site contains the history of the Drawing Lab, our facilities, and information about the studies we have conducted and contemplated, and we encourage you to explore it.

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